7 Tips To Sell Your Property

By: Susy Copus


1. Paint your property interior with neutral colours. Property buyers are turned off by bright colours. Buyers generally want plain walls and can see a blank canvas to add their own mark. They do not want your mark on their potential home. A pot of magnolia and a couple of paintbrushes is simple to purchase and cheap. Plus you can then highlight the light airy feel of the property by having lamps and lights on when you have a viewer.

2. If your property already has neutral colours then touch up small marks on the walls with a tester pot. Fill in any holes i.e. from old picture hooks and paint over. Eyes are immediately drawn to anything dark or bright against a light background.

3. Hire a rug and carpet cleaner. Get rid of as many marks and stains on the carpets as you can. Most buyers want fresh carpets and unless they are looking for a renovation project will want to move in and unpack rather than take up the carpets and start over.

4. Wash curtains or replace any that do not do your room and house justice. Choose carefully and it shouldn\'t cost too much and remember you can take them with you when you move to your next property.

5. Have a major clear out. Your clutter will show the buyer that the house is too small for you. If it\'s too small for you, then it could be too small for them. Put your clutter tidily in the loft or put items in temporary storage.

6. Place flowers outside at the front door. Place flowers in the garden and patio. Place flowers in the house. Yes, you really love your house (you need to show buyers this and NOT show them that you can\'t wait to leave). It doesn\'t cost much and looks great.

7. Finally, your property and lifestyle need to inspire your potential house buyer. Persuade them that they want to live as you do - a spacious, tidy, organised and clean house yet warm and inviting. Have a bottle of wine somewhere in the kitchen and of course, have the coffee on.

Susy Copus is a property commentator writing about all aspects of home moving, properties for sale, estate agent directories and house prices for the UK Property Search Engine, Wheres My Property. Susy also writes for Renovate Alerts who specialise in finding property to renovate and Property Money Maker.