There is No Bad Weather to Check Out Real Estate

By: Ester Rebecca Del Fierro

Sunny skies are what most of us look forward to when checking out real estates. It may be that we need the light, or we need the wakefulness, or we need the cheery mood. Whatever the case, real estate agents want to tour you in the house at the right times, and see to it the house is presented in the best light possible.

But of course, the best light isn't always good when you're buying real estate. No matter how deep you've fallen in love with a house or apartment, you will want to know its flaws and damages. If your real estate agent is upfront with you about those flaws and repair issues, then good. But what if not?

In this case, bad weather can have its good sunny side. Just like bad weather brings out the worst in people, bad weather can do the same for real estate. If you have always been afraid of the rain, just for once don't let bad weather put you off in checking out that house or apartment for sale or rent. You want to make the best decision in buying real estate, and the rain is your best friend here.

Look for leaks in the house. That roof and ceiling might look good in sunny weather but they should never have room for even just the teeniest, tiniest trickle.

Check the drainage. Don't expect real estate agents to include flooded lawns and flooded garages in their descriptions while they're touring you in the house. Inquire immediately when you see it.

Ask yourself if you can fare with bad weather when you're already living in the house or apartment. Is the rainy view good outside? The rain can have a gloomy effect on many people, so don't always be fooled by sunny weather.

But hey, it hardly ever rains in Oz anyway. But, even so, the next time it pours, don't pout and say you'll have to cancel your house inspection. Now's the perfect time!